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Complementary Healing Recommendations

Thanks to Palma Wellness Therapies, I was able to overcome my Xanax addiction in one session. I got hooked on my boyfriend's Xanax because I was battling anxiety. I tried several times to beat the addiction but I had horrible withdrawal symptoms and I could not sleep without it. After one session, I never used Xanax again, I had no withdrawal symptoms, and I could fall asleep easily. Thanks Palma Wellness!


I received a Reiki session from Palma Wellness and I felt completely relaxed and happy! Palma Wellness called my sense of relaxation a "heart smile session". I was certainly smiling and feeling wonderful hours after my relaxing and joyful experience. I recommend a Reiki session for anyone needing a deep sense of relaxation and feeling renewed. I will certainly come back soon.


I lost eight pounds in one month after a session with Palma Wellness. I am a sommelier and had been trying to lose weight for a long time. One session with Palma Wellness made a difference in my life. I feel so much better and look forward to slowly loosing the unwanted weight. With what I have accomplished in one month, I know I can achieve my optimal weight easily. Great job Palma Wellness.


I got over my fear of death after a past life regression session through Palma Wellness. I had a fear of death since childhood, but now I can continue my life fear-free. I am no longer worried about what will happen to me when I move on. I feel that I learned so much about myself by experiencing a past life and an in between life session that I want to let the world know. My perspective on life has completely changed. I remain grateful,


Gautama Buddha, also known as Siddhārtha Gautama, Shakyamuni, or simply the Buddha

If you would like to send us your testimonial please email us, we appreciate your kind words.

With loving kindness,

Teresa & Luis

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