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The Healing Relaxation Program:

Are you tired of feeling depressed, anxious, angry, and worried about the future? Don’t lose another day of emotional freedom and wellbeing. Today is a special day for you because The Healing Relaxation Program will guide you to emotional freedom and resiliency. You now have access to the same techniques taught at Harvard University, Stanford, and The U.S. military special operations.

The Healing Relaxation Program will give you the skills you need to cope with everyday life with more meaningful outcomes. Life has hurdles and having coping mechanisms makes life more peaceful for you and your loved ones. However, coping mechanisms go beyond your everyday life. The coping mechanisms in The Healing Relaxation Program will give you invaluable tools to hack your life.

Imagine being able to laugh at a person who is trying to put you down? How valuable would it be for you to use techniques for Emotional Balance? Some people attend Ivy League schools to gain the knowledge; others join the elite forces of the military to acquire coping mechanisms for self-regulation, and Emotional Balance.

The Healing Relaxation Program will be your guide to living a more peaceful life regardless of what life throws at you. The economy is in continuous turmoil; your emotions don’t need to be on the same page. The coping mechanisms in The Healing Relaxation Program will give you a step-by-step system to improve your resiliency and emotional resolve.

Have you been angry at someone cutting you off in traffic lately? Would your life improve if you knew of ways to deal with the internal rage? Anger makes your brain release cortisol into your body. Cortisol is the stress hormone that lowers cognitive function, induces swelling, increased blood pressure, and sleeplessness. The Healing Relaxation Program is designed with brain entrainment sounds to decrease your cortisol levels throughout the program and beyond.

The Basis

The therapy is based on Clinical Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Transpersonal Psychology, and patient success studies from the therapy. Years of research were devoted to the development of The Healing Relaxation Program. Resiliency techniques used by U.S. Military Special Operations were practiced and refined. Harvard and Stanford University methods were researched in the years of development and applicability of The Healing Relaxation Program.

The Healing Relaxation Program book includes case studies from clients who have experienced the benefits of the therapy. The clients from every walk of life including officers in the military inspired the release of The Healing Relaxation Program to improve your life.

What is included?

The Healing Relaxation Program includes a book with full instructions, practical exercises, case studies, and a recommended reading list. An introductory video and three audiovisual sessions with brain entrainment sounds and relaxing visual aids.

Will you like the program?

I am confident that you will like the program and will want to share it with others, so please send them to this webpage. You may want to share the program by just sending a digital copy to those you would like to help, but that will take away the psychological value for them and they may not be fully committed to the program. Help those you wish to help by sending them to this webpage and allow them to purchase the program just like you did so they will gain the same affects you had.

Before you commit

Check out the following links so you are fully aware of some of the modalities used. The methods need to resonate with you for you to gain the maximum benefit from The Healing Relaxation Program.

Links for you to familiarize yourself with some of the modalities used in The Healing Relaxation Program (Trypnaural and Hypnosis):

Free Entrainment Audiovisual

Free Past Life Regression Hypnosis

Free Progressive Relaxation Hypnosis

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